Atomic Punch Branding - SuperOxygen, Inc.
First of all, we’re not some 80’s oxygen bar in Hollywood. We are a lean and dynamic creative studio that utilizes emerging technologies to communicate. Whether it’s through the internet or the iPhone, we want to connect you with people. We don’t look for big budgets. We look for big ideas. Ideas that attract attention. Ideas that get you thinking. Ideas that move people. (No, not by bus.) But emotionally. You know — your thoughts. Your perceptions. In fact — take a deep breath, relax and let us show you what we call ” A Breath of Fresh Thinking.”
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Is it possible to have a hard hitting brand?  Something that you’ll see one day—whether it’s a car, a logo or an image—and it just blows your mind. Something that cuts thru the clutter and knocks your socks off.  Surely Tesla was one of these brands.  Although the T-shirt logo is not the greatest—the product speaks for itself.


Branding is a project that we take on with every client.  And it’s so in our sphere of influence that we’ve decided to give it it’s own brand.  How’s that for a double whammy!  We call it—in case that fat logo didn’t give it away:  Atomic Punch Branding.


In the not so distant future, we are going to expand on this topic.  So, please stay tuned.