Pocket Filmmaking - SuperOxygen, Inc.
First of all, we’re not some 80’s oxygen bar in Hollywood. We are a lean and dynamic creative studio that utilizes emerging technologies to communicate. Whether it’s through the internet or the iPhone, we want to connect you with people. We don’t look for big budgets. We look for big ideas. Ideas that attract attention. Ideas that get you thinking. Ideas that move people. (No, not by bus.) But emotionally. You know — your thoughts. Your perceptions. In fact — take a deep breath, relax and let us show you what we call ” A Breath of Fresh Thinking.”
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Let’s face it—anyone with a smart phone can be a pocket filmmaker.  You just have start shooting. Tell a story. Do some editing. Scouting. Sound. Track expenses. Have a point. Pay people? Okay—so maybe there’s a little more to it than just having a smart phone. You actually have to be smart in how you approach your film. Well, this little handy product will help you do just that!  It’s called the Pocket Storyboard.

$99.00 for a 25-pack!

Each book contains 32 frames. Room for some quick production notes.
Cast & Crew info.  And more.