FAQ - SuperOxygen, Inc.
First of all, we’re not some 80’s oxygen bar in Hollywood. We are a lean and dynamic creative studio that utilizes emerging technologies to communicate. Whether it’s through the internet or the iPhone, we want to connect you with people. We don’t look for big budgets. We look for big ideas. Ideas that attract attention. Ideas that get you thinking. Ideas that move people. (No, not by bus.) But emotionally. You know — your thoughts. Your perceptions. In fact — take a deep breath, relax and let us show you what we call ” A Breath of Fresh Thinking.”
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After you have read thought all of the FAQs, if you are still in need of support, feel free to get in touch with us. Use the following link to head on over to the contact page and fill out the form. We will reply within 24hrs.



[faq title=”01. How Do I Ask A Support Question?” opened=”yes”]

If you have questions about the files you have downloaded, make sure to first consult the included help documentation. This will be in the “help_files” folder. If you cannot find the answer to your questions in the help documents, visit the file’s sales page and look through the comments made by other buyers and also check the FAQ page. This page will be constantly updated with any reoccurring questions and their respective answers. It is not advised to post questions in the comments area of the file’s sales page without first checking the other information sources first.


[faq title=”02. Help I’m missing a CSS Stylesheet upon install?” opened=”no”]

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[alert type=”success” display=”inline”]Here Is a Note: Ensure to unzip the download package before you upload it to your WordPress install.[/alert]


[faq title=”03. What’s included in your free support?” opened=”no”]

The following items are not included in our free support:

  1. Files will not be accepted from buyers via email to be checked for mistakes
  2. Questions will not be answered which are clearly dealt with in the help documentation.
  3. Incorporating update to the template into client’s templates.
  4. Custom work for clients not involving an issue realted to a bug in the original code.


[faq title=”04. How Do I Ask A Support Question?” opened=”no”]

Using this contact form, makes the buyer’s purchase history of our items only, visible to the author, if any exists. Therefore if you wish to contact us regarding support for a particular item, please keep this in mind. Below is a link to out Themeforest profile page where the contact form may be found: