Malibu Lagoon - SuperOxygen, Inc.
First of all, we’re not some 80’s oxygen bar in Hollywood. We are a lean and dynamic creative studio that utilizes emerging technologies to communicate. Whether it’s through the internet or the iPhone, we want to connect you with people. We don’t look for big budgets. We look for big ideas. Ideas that attract attention. Ideas that get you thinking. Ideas that move people. (No, not by bus.) But emotionally. You know — your thoughts. Your perceptions. In fact — take a deep breath, relax and let us show you what we call ” A Breath of Fresh Thinking.”
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Malibu Lagoon

Integrated Branding, Website

Between 2012 and 2013, Malibu Lagoon State Beach shut down for a restoration project, causing quite a stir. This was understandable, given the popularity of Surfrider Beach. However, if you visit the lagoon following its rejuvenation, it would be hard to call the overhaul anything but a massive success. A manicured but beautiful area surrounds an enlarged lagoon that fish and birds call home. A walkway wraps around the lagoon that is lined by a variety of native plants.